Get sleek styles straight
from the runways

Different hair types require different straightening solutions. 
The Straight collection lets you select the perfect styler for fine, 
medium or coarse hair. Featuring the exclusive Straight-Out
with strengthening proteins plus moisturizing coconut
and olive oils to lock in amazing straightness and frizz-free shine,
 and Anti-Frizz Technology to provide lasting definition and frizz
control with a smooth, shiny finish.

Within the collection, each product has a number that represents
the amount of control it provides. Choose from: 
Mild Control 01-05
Medium Control 06-15 
Maximum Control 16-26

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Align 12 - Styling Products - RedkenAustralia

Align 12

Align 12

Protective straightening
lotion for medium hair

Hold level:
Medium Control 12